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To do is to dare: Between Pictures is a premium film, video, and virtual reality production company. With locations in New York City, NY, Southern New Jersey, & Philadelphia, PA, and a large network of talented crew throughout the United States, we cater to the needs of agencies, co-productions, corporations, studios, TV networks.


From branded content to commercials, feature films to music videos, AR to VR 360 content, our team can streamline the entire production process. We can develop and plan your production, shoot and edit 4k to 12k content, and offer post-production services including CGI, stitching, color grading, and uniquely optimized workflows. 

Nothing beats a good story, and we employ the latest cutting edge technology as a brush to enhance storytelling. We navigate the changing landscapes of media trends, providing innovative solutions to clients that allow their projects to thrive. Some of Between Pictures’ clients include American Express, The Daily Show, Dita, Frontida, Grayson Sky, GREATS Brand, Meta, The Mixed Space, MMA Junkie, New York Times, ProductionHUB, The Trufflery, United Nations, VIMBY, and Walmart. Contact us here.


About the owners: David Garcia Rivera has worked in the film and media production industry for over ten years. David first started as an intern reading and providing script coverage for Larry Levinson Productions, and interned in post-production at World of Wonder. Since then David has worked on short, independent, and big budget feature length films including Walt Disney Pictures' "Invincible."


After directing dozens of TV commercials for Walmart throughout the United St, David and their brother Dr. Michael Garcia started a production company called Between Pictures LLC. David currently directs, produces, shoots, and edits commercial, documentary, narrative film, TV, and VR content.

In addition to on set production, David is available to work with new clients. David's content has been seen on major streaming services including Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, and on networks including CBS Viacom, CNBC, FOX, MTV, NBC. You may find David's personal website here:

Gear / Crew


Equipment is provided through Between Pictures & our partners at The Confectionery. Extensive crew list is available. 

Contact for customized packages, logistics, and quotes.

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Arri Alexa Mini 4k

Arri Alexa Mini LF

Blackmagic Pocket 6k Pro

Blackmagic URSA

Canon 5D Mark IV / C300 / C500

Red Monstro 8k, Raptor 8k & Komodo 6k

Sony A7S III 4k, Fx3, Venice 6k

Slow Motion*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Phantom Flex4k & VEO4k


Virtual Reality & 360 Video *

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Kandao Obsidian Pro 12k

Obsidian R 8k

GoPro Omni

Ricoh Theta ultra-wide fisheyes

nodal support & custom arrays



PL Primes & Zooms*
Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Arri, Zeiss, Fuji, Cooke, Baltar  

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 & GL Optics 70-200


EF Primes & Zooms*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Sigma 18-35, Contax 35-70, Canon 24-70mm & Canon 70-200


Filter Kit*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Oconnor Obox matte box

Various 4x5.65 Firecrest ND, rotating polarizer & softening filters prism collection with effect filters & specialty glass.

Diopters & macro adapters


Cine Teleprompters

Rod-mounted / free-standing 10” & 19” beamsplitters


Oconnor & Cartoni heads*

Can come with standard / baby legs, hi hat & wheels

Oconnor 1030B with Sachtler HotPod & dolly
Manfrotto Nitrotech 612 with Manfrotto pedestal tripod

Shoulder mount & rosette handgrips

CamWok 5000 hi hat

Camera Movement*

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Steadicam, stabilizers, drones, technocrane, cablecam, etc.



Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

98w & 150w gold mount camera batteries

NPF970 / DC accessory batteries

Quad & dual gold mount chargers & dual NPF chargers hotswap & various power & AC adapters

Mobile generators with crew


“HAL” Workflow Hub

Portable server & control center

with 10G network & mesh nodes

DaVinci Resolve Studio

with Phantom Fuse & ShotPut Pro

Asus WiFi 6 mesh infrastructure

with mobile failover & 10G network

MacMini M1 with 16GB RAM

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k I/O

Teradek Cube 655 encoder

featuring FrameIO Camera2Cloud

Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio HD switcher w/ 8 inputs

Blackmagic Videohub 20x20 router & Hyperdeck recorder

Blackmagic MultiDock 10G & Blackmagic Cloud Store

DaVinci mini panel, ATEM panel & iPad Pro wireless control

CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 hubs & USB-C media readers


Monitoring Backpack

Expansion backpack for camera operator or director

wireless video ready for up to 5 transceivers + WiFi 6 node

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO switcher/encoder


Production Displays

5” TVLogic VFM & OLED operator / focus monitors

17” SmallHD P3X & FSI DM170 wireless monitor

17” TVLogic XVM production monitors

32” Samsung Frame QLED client monitors

55” LG OLED 4k monitor


Wireless Monitoring

Teradek Bolt 500 wireless SDI/HDMI transmitter & 3 receivers

Teradek Serv Pro

BirdDog RTMP/SRT/NDI encoders



Lightform LFC projection mapping  

Optomo & Epson projectors



Motion Control Turntable

Ditogear Spin 360

Note: Supports 160lbs


Note: Ready-to-shoot stabilizer in a backpack

Movi Pro Gimbal

Dana Dolly Slider with 4’ & 6’ speedrail & rolling stands


Lighting & Grip *

Note: Entire inventory is not listed here

Enormous LED, HMI, tungsten & grip package

selected on a per location basis

Note: Arri, Dedo, HMI, Kino Flo, and more are available.


Sound Recording

Boom, handheld & wireless lav mics

Sound Devices 833 & Zoom recorders & mixers


Full Pre-production crew and back office personnel

including line producers, UPMs, casting directors, payroll,

and more 

Full production crew

including ADs, camera, G&E, HMUA, production designers,

and more 

Full Post-production crew

including animators, editors, CGI, stitching, UI-UX,

and more

Adobe CC, AVID, Da Vinci, Final Cut

and other workflows available


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